Our equity teams manage a diverse family of products. Our investment philosophy is built on a foundation of value investing while avoiding risk to permanent capital impairment. This process helps us deliver attractive long-term risk adjusted performance.

Small to Mid Cap Value

Sterling’s Small to Mid Cap Value group concentrates its investment strategy on stocks of small- to medium-sized companies that generate strong cash flows, trade at a significant discount to intrinsic value and are well-financed. This approach creates a focused portfolio of stocks that has produced attractive risk-adjusted returns over time.

Behavioral Finance

Within the suite of behaviorally based equity products, Sterling Capital Management employs techniques that seek to capitalize upon Behavioral Finance based principles. Investors are prone to certain biases and heuristics (mental shortcuts) that when coupled with greed, fear and ego can often lead to anomalies within the financial markets. Our investment process, with the value and momentum factors that are implemented to the portfolio construction techniques that are employed, produces strategies specifically designed to capitalize upon investor behavior.

Equity Opportunities

Sterling’s Equity Opportunities group manages portfolios that focus on conservative, value-oriented equities, strong dividend growth and capital gains. This group manages both separately managed accounts (SMA) and mutual funds for the firm. The group manages five SMAs: Insight, Leaders, SMID Opportunities, Special Opportunities and Equity Income.

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