Fixed Income

Sterling utilizes a multi-faceted approach to generate performance with an emphasis on risk management that adheres to our core investment beliefs.  Quantifying risk and assessing potential return is at the crux of our investment philosophy due to the asymmetric risk/return profile of fixed income securities.  Our team of fixed income experts is singularly focused on delivering financial solutions that meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

Core Investment Beliefs:

  • Strive to achieve consistent risk-adjusted performance
  • Drivers of performance change over time
  • Return potential is secondary to risk assessment
  • A portfolio should have no unintended exposures
  • “If you cannot measure it; you cannot manage it”

Investment Process:

  • Portfolios are team managed
  • Combination of top-down (macro) and bottom-up (micro) analysis
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Seize opportunities to generate performance by identifying discrepancies between the fundamentals and the valuation of a security
  • Portfolio Construction
    • Duration and yield curve management
    • Sector Allocation
    • Security Selection

Portfolio Strategies:

  • Cash management
  • Enhanced cash
  • Short-term fixed income
  • Intermediate-term fixed income
  • Long-term fixed income
  • Core fixed income
  • Sector focused
  • Liability matched
  • Tax-advantaged