Advisory Solutions

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Advisory Solutions
Sterling’s Advisory Solutions Team is comprised of eight* seasoned professionals led by James C. Willis, CFA®, and is dedicated to providing comprehensive asset allocation and investment selection for wealth and institutional clients. We provide customized client solutions through the utilization of a fundamentally-driven and quality-focused investment process with a goal of delivering outstanding long-term risk-adjusted performance.

SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts)
Advisory Solutions Aggressive Growth SMA
Advisory Solutions Growth SMA
Advisory Solutions Balanced SMA
Advisory Solutions Diversified Income SMA
Advisory Solutions Income and Growth SMA
Advisory Solutions Income Primary SMA
Advisory Solutions Income SMA
Advisory Solutions Fixed Income SMA

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Asset Allocation
Our asset allocation process applies deep historical analysis and rigorous testing to identify market information that is systematically mispriced. Asset class return forecasts are considered within a detailed risk framework to determine asset class weights. Portfolio risk is tactically managed based on the attractiveness of investment opportunities while adhering to a set risk budget.

Investment Manager Selection
We employ a comprehensive and rigorous manager search and selection methodology that is rational, well-defined, disciplined, and consistently applied to identify investment strategies that we believe are positioned to consistently generate risk-adjusted outperformance for our clients throughout multiple market cycles.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)
For clients seeking comprehensive asset allocation and investment selection solutions, Sterling provides OCIO services by offering to clients an asset allocation framework with a comprehensive investment manager search and selection methodology to create unique, client-specific portfolios. These open architecture multi-asset class portfolios are constructed using specific investment objectives, risk tolerance, goals and circumstances of the client with a goal of delivering consistent, long-term, risk-adjusted performance for our clients.

While the asset allocation ranges included in a account’s investment objectives will provide a guide for Sterling’s asset allocation services, the account’s actual asset allocation may, at any time, vary from the client’s investment objectives for various reasons, including, but not limited to, fund flows into or out of the account, market movements, and asset allocation decisions.

Portfolio Construction
Complementary investment strategies are combined with the asset allocation framework to produce a favorable risk and return profile. With a clearly defined and unwavering dedication to client service, our process allows you to focus on managing your practice/business.

* Includes Kevin Stoll and Alex Harshberger