Our customized and mutual fund-managed investments cover a range of strategic asset categories. Options include taxable and tax-exempt fixed income portfolios, multiclass equity portfolios, and comprehensive solutions through our Advisory Solutions team. Click here to view the resource center.


Small to Mid Cap Value Focused Factor
  • Small Cap Value Equity
  • Small-Mid Cap Value Equity
  • Mid Cap Value Equity
  • Small Cap Value Focused Factor
  • Large Cap Value Focused Factor
  • International Focused Factor
Equity Opportunities Stratton
  • Special Opportunities
  • Equity Income
  • Focus
  • Insight
  • Global Leaders
  • SMID Opportunities
  • Stratton Small Cap Value
  • Stratton Mid Cap Value
  • Stratton Real Estate

Fixed Income

Fixed Income
  • Cash Management
  • Enhanced Cash
  • Short-Term Fixed Income
  • Intermediate-Term Fixed Income
  • Core Fixed Income
  • Long-Term Fixed Income
  • Sector Focused
  • Liability Matched
  • Tax-Advantaged
  • Taxable
  • Tax-Exempt

Mutual Funds

Equity Funds
Fixed Income Funds
Asset Allocation Funds

Model Managers

Advisory Solutions Models
  • Aggressive Growth
  • Growth
  • Balanced
  • Diversified Income

Advisory Solutions Portal

  • Income and Growth
  • Income Primary
  • Income
  • Fixed Income

For more information contact Leigh Anne Pulse (919)


Fixed Income SMAs
  • Short Gov’t  SMA
  • Short Corporate SMA
  • Short Gov’t/Credit SMA
  • Enhanced Cash
  • Intermediate Gov’t SMA
  • Intermediate Corporate SMA
  • Intermediate Gov’t /Credit SMA

Fixed Income SMA Portal

  • Core SMA
  • Enhanced Cash T/F SMA
  • Short Term National T/F SMA
  • Limited Term National T/F SMA
  • Limited Term State Specific T/F SMA*
  • Intermediate State Specific T/F SMA*
  • Intermediate National T/F SMA

For more information call (888) 228-1872, Option 1 for Internal Sales Desk

*NC, SC, VA, MD, GA, NY, CA, & PA.   Additional states available by request. 

Equity SMAs
  • Special Opportunities SMA
  • Equity Income SMA
  • Global Leaders SMA
  • Insight SMA

Equity Opportunities SMA Portal

  • SMID Opportunities SMA
  • Enhanced Equity SMA
  • Mid Cap Value SMA*

For more information call (888) 228-1872, Option 1 for Internal Sales Desk

*Managed by Sterling Capital’s Fundamental Equity Team

Mutual Funds

Shareholders: (800) 228-1872, Option 1

Financial Advisors: (888) 228-1872, Option 1 for Internal Sales Desk

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